Data Types

The Data Types used by Kopernicus are used for every key/value pair, and some have their own unique values.


name = String
iconColor = Color
cacheFile = File Path
radius = Float
contractWeight = Integer
timewarpAltitudeLimits = Integer[]
cameraSmaRatioBounds = Single[]
pressureCurve = FloatCurve
Data Type Description Examples
String A collection of characters. “Hello”, “Kerbin”, “Sarnus123”
Integer A number that has no decimal part. 1, 100, -13, 69
Float A floating-point number. It can store decimal values as well as integers. Used for most decimal keys. 3.1415926, 2, -100.01
Color A color. It can be expressed in many ways, each of which is shown in the table at the bottom of the page. See Table
Filepath A String containing a file path to a file. There are two main ways of specifiying paths, shown in the second table on this page. See Table
x[] A comma-separated list with values of type x. “Integer[] = 1, 2, -10, 24”, “String[] = Hi, Bye, IOParser, Excel”
NoiseType The type of noise to use with Noise-generating PSQMods Options are “Perlin”, “Billow”, or “RidgedMultiFractal”
NoiseQuality The quality of the noise being generated Options are “Low”, “Standard”, “Medium”, or “High”.
Vector2/3 A list of floating point numbers. A Vector2 holds two numbers, while a Vector3 holds 3. Vector 2: 1,1 - Vector3: 1,0.2,1
FloatCurve A list of keys, each with 2 or 4 values. The first two values are the “time” and “value” values, and the next two are the derivatives of the curve (optional). See below for a simple example, but read this forum thread on FloatCurves
    key = 0 250
    key = 3.35 500 36.70368 -1.219512
    key = 15.65 485 -3.517569 -16.3017
    key = 52.3 100 -3.71531 -15.77211
    key = 53.64 0
Path Format Description Example
GameData Path The file path within GameData. This method is mostly used for specifying assets from either the same mod or a different one from the config itself. MPE/MPE_Textures/PluginData/Ervo_biomes.png
BUILTIN Path The name of a texture located in the stock asset files BUILTIN/Grass2 - A full list of BUILTIN textures can be found here, though they include things not used for planets.
Color Format Description Example
Fractional RGBA A color in RGBA format, where each number is between 0 and 1. 0.5, 0.3, 0.1, 1.0
Explicit RGBA A color explicitly specified in RGBA format. Each parameter is a number between 0 and 255. RGBA(100,50,0,255)
RGB A color in RGB format. Similar to RGBA, but the Alpha value is always 255. RGB(100,50,0)
HSBA A color in HSBA format (Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Alpha). Each parameter is a value between 0 and 255. HSBA(109, 250, 37)
Hexadecimal A color in hexadecimal format (letters can be upper or lowercase). #7DA665
XKCD An XKCD color. More info here. XKCD.Cyan