PQS Mods

PQS Mods, or Procedural Quad Sphere Modifiers, are various tools beyond applying a height map to a planet. They can modify an object’s surface as well as its color, and they are even responsible for the various anomalies on planets. They can be used to both create a planet completely from scratch like Hodor or smooth out existing height maps and eliminate the grid-like pattern.
They come in a wrapper node, Mods { }, which contains all of the PQSMod nodes and is a subnode of the PQS { } node. Each PQSMod subnode contains name, order, and enabled keys, as described below.

Property Format Description
name String The set name of the PQSMod. Used for differentiating between two PQSMods of the same type being used in the same config.
enabled Boolean Whether the PQSMod should be enabled.
order Integer The order that the PQSMod should be processed in. PQSMods are processed in increasing order value, so a mod with order 20 would be applied before a mod with order 100.