The Orbit { } node is a subnode of Body { } and contains the data needed to produce the body’s correct orbital parameters.


  referenceBody = Sun
  color = 0.7,0.7,0.7,1
  mode = 1
  inclination = 1
  eccentricity = 0
  semiMajorAxis = 2620000000000
  longitudeOfAscendingNode = 40
  argumentOfPeriapsis = 10
  meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 2.01
  epoch = 0
Property Format Description
referenceBody String The name of the object the body orbits.
color Color The color of the orbit line. See the DataTypes page for more info on colors.
inclination Double The tilt of the orbit in degrees. 0 = normal, 90 = polar, 180 = retrograde, etc…
eccentricity Double The difference between your body’s apoapsis and periapsis. It is a value between 0 and 1, where 0 is a perfect circle, and 1 is a straight line. 0.5 would give an oval shape.
period Double The custom orbital period in seconds. This can be used to set extreme orbital periods.
semiMajorAxis Double The average altitude of the body above its referenceBody’s center.
longitudeOfAscendingNode Double The longitude at where the body crosses the referenceBody’s equator. It relies on inclination.
argumentOfPeriapsis Double The longitude of the referenceBody where the body’s periapsis is.
meanAnomalyAtEpoch Double The position of the body along the orbit, in radians, at the specified epoch between 0 and 2π, where 0 is the periapsis and π is the apoapsis.
meanAnomalyAtEpochD Double Similar to meanAnomalyAtEpoch, but is in degrees instead of radians. Useful for more precise measurement.
epoch Double The epoch at which meanAnomalyAtEpoch is described. Typically should be at 0 for best accuracy.
iconColor Color (Also nodeColor) The color of the orbit icon/node.
iconTexture File Path The path to the custom icon texture.
mode OrbitDrawMode Orbit Draw Mode. Possible values are OFF, REDRAW_ONLY, REDRAW_AND_FOLLOW, and REDRAW_AND_RECALCULATE. Default is REDRAW_AND_RECALCULATE.
icon OrbitDrawIcons Orbit Icon Mode. Possible values are NONE, OBJ, OBJ_PE_AP, and ALL. Default is ALL.
cameraSmaRatioBounds Single[] Orbit rendering bounds. Takes two values, the lower bound and the upper bound.

NOTE: Hyperedit uses these same values. Simply move your planet around with it and copy the values out of its “complex” tab into their respective fields in the config. beware of SOI’s changing size when they reload to adjust for the new position.